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Electronic Health Records

Easy to use, don’t take up space, and always available to read.

Online Appointments

Each patient logs in with their personal email and password. They’re able to schedule new appointments and cancel them 24/7, from their favorite place and device.

This unclogs your phone lines, and at the same time gives your patients more freedom and comfort, and lets your admins spend their time on more important affairs.

Appointment Reminders

Decrease non-shows with automated reminders through Email and SMS. In both cases, the patient has an option to confirm or cancel the appointment, potentially making some appointments available again. This increases your productivity at a very low cost.


Set up templates for your most frequent prescriptions and patient indications, and use them to prescribe much faster. Configure the logo, header and footer, and print or email them to your patients.


Attach keywords to your patients. For example, you could tag them with pathologies, treatments or special conditions. You’ll be able to search for patients matching those tags and find the clinical case you need for your next research or professional presentation.

Work teams

Share your patients’ data and health records with the rest of your team, and visualize all your patients’ information in a unified window, for a more consistent and personalized attention.


Upload attachments, such as images, videos, studies or documents, without space or format restrictions

Health centers

Create multiple health centers or locations with a single subscription. You’ll be able to see appointment availability for one of them, or all at the same time. Additionally, reminders will let patients know where they should go.

Appointment Types

Configure multiple appointment types with their own name and duration. For example, you might have 15-minute Consultation, and 30-min First-time Consultation

Appointments stats

View metrics such as patients that showed up vs. no-shows, patients breakdown by insurance company, and more


Assign overflow appointments as needed, as a complement to configuring your schedule with time ranges for every day of the week. You can cancel specific dates and times when you take vacation or have other commitments, as well as add one-time schedules. Additionally, you can define which of those schedules can be used by your patients on the patient portal, and which are reserved for your admins.

Multiple sessions

You can assign appointments for multiple sessions very easily. The app will only show availability at the same time for the given number of sessions, skipping national holidays.

Compatible devices

Access Medixar from all your devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles. You only need a web browser.

Security and service standards

Regular automated backups, secure and encrypted servers and connections. Enjoy extremely high availability thanks to our datacenter redundancy, without having to spend on equipment.


Get fast, knowledgeable support over email. We’ll also help you set Medixar up for the first run, advising you according to our experience and best practices.


¡No license or setup fees!

ARS 425
/ schedule / month
  • Free, unlimited admins
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Free, unlimited email reminders
  • Optional SMS reminders in Argentina: ARS 3.26 each, taxes included
Health Records
ARS 425
/ professional / month
  • Unlimited patients
  • Attachments: 5GB included. AR$ 6 per additional GB
Health Records + Appointments
ARS 700
/ professional / month
  • Free, unlimited admins
  • Unlimited patients and appointments
  • Free, unlimited email reminders
  • Optional SMS reminders in Argentina: ARS 3.26 each, taxes included
  • Attachments: 5GB included. AR$ 6 per additional GB

All prices in Argentinian Pesos (ARS). In Argentina, Impuesto PAIS 8% and Retención de Impuesto a las Ganancias/BBPP 35% are charged. Price including taxes for Appointments or Health Records: ARS 607.75. Price including taxes for Health Records + Appointments: ARS 1001.


Applied over all services in a given month.

From AR$ 1351 to AR$ 2700: 5%
From AR$ 2701 to AR$ 4050: 15%
AR$4051 or more: 20%

Please contact us for an estimate if you have more professionals.

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