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Terms and conditions

Your usage of any service on or any other subdomain implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Medixar Limited, hereafter we or the provider, reserve the right to change these conditions at any time. Those changes will be valid 30 days after being published.

Personal data protection

We adopt technical measures to protect and ensure safety of personal data, according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Argentinian law on Personal Data Protection (Ley 25.326), protecting the privacy and avoiding all unauthorized access. We transfer personal data to datacenters owned by Amazon Web Services in the United States, to provide you with a good experience and ensure safety.

In any case that a user provides us with data, we’ll assume that the information is accurate and correct. Since our clients will be dealing with their customers and/or patients, and entering their data into our systems, we’ll assume that our clients have obtained consent to store that data with us, and will ensure data safety on their end.

The data we hold will be stored in a database which is owned by us. Our address is Suite 1, 5th Floor, City Reach, 5 Greenwich View Place, London, United Kingdom.

Following the law, we allow our users and clients to request updating, correcting or deleting their data, by sending an email to We may request the other party to prove their identity in order to fulfill these requests.

Each user will define access policies to the data they hold with us, and will be responsible for complying with the corresponding laws. It’s their duty to ensure their credentials stay safe and private.


We’ll keep data supplied by our users and their customers confidential. We’ll only access the data to provide technical support, carry maintenance tasks, fix bugs or run anonymized statistics. We won’t share or sell data in any way, except when required by authorities.

Legal use of our services

Our services must be used within legal activities. We explicitly forbid the usage of any of our services or products in any way that breaks any local, national or international law.

Intellectual property

Every part of this platform is intellectual property of Medixar Limited, including, but not limited to: graphics, source code, compiled code, characteristics and features.

Data conservation

We’ll keep medical records for an undefined period of time, since they’re being used to provide medical attention. All other data will be kept for as long as necessary, or until the owner of the data requires us to delete it.

Responsibility limits

We won’t be responsible for: (i) loss of data caused by users, external actors, failures, bugs or updates; (ii) any type of issues that could arise as a result of misuse of our software or its misconfiguration, including any loss that may have incurred; (iii) appointments that have been taken unlawfully or with malice; (iv) verifying the identities of the involved actors; (v) connection issues to connect to our platform, server issues causing slowdowns or shutdowns, or any type of connection, hardware or software failure; (vi) the information provided in any communication to our users or their customers.

Subscriptions and payments

We’ll bill our service every first day of the month, and the bill will be due 9 days after, except we say otherwise in writing.

Payments will be done inside our software, following its instructions. We’ll never store your credit/debit cards information, but instead will pass it on to our payment providers, Stripe and EBANX, who will ensure your data is safe. Both providers are PCI certified.


To cancel a subscription, you must contact us at Our confirmation of the cancellation will be sent as soon as possible, and will be your proof that you cancelled your subscription.

From the day after you cancel the subscription, we’ll have the right to delete any data in your account without giving you notice.

Fees for late payments

Failing to pay on a bill’s due date will automatically incur a charge of 4%. Additionally, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend the service. Failing to pay 20 days after the bill’s due date will give us the right to cancel the subscription and delete your data.


We reserve the right to deny or cancel the service, after notifying you, if you incurred in any conduct or activity that, at our discretion, is considered an abuse or violation of any of these terms.


We reserve the right to introduce updates and changes in our software without prior notice, as well as change the available set of features.


Our software and servers are protected to our best knowledge, including database encryption, SSL protection and firewalls.

Software security breaches

Breaches, and attempts to breach our security systems, is forbidden. Any account that we detect is attempting this will be suspended without warning. Some examples (including, but not limited to) are: (i) unauthorized access to data, including any attempt to explore or verify safety and authorization features; (ii) interference with the service of other users, such as trying to overload a server.

Service level agreement

Support will be provided via or the chat button in our app. We define three levels of priority, which we’ll assign to each request:

P1 – Critical

The user cannot access the app. We aim to send our first reply in at most 2 working hours, and fix it in at most 4 working hours.

P2 – High

The app is available, but an important feature is completely broken. We aim to send our first reply in at most 4 working hours, and fix it in at most 12 working hours.

P3 – Low

Other bugs, failures or errors that don’t change features significantly. We aim to send our first reply in at most 48 working hours.


You can reach our to us by sending an email to Keep in mind that we’ll only those emails with SPF/DKIM authentication as ours.


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